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Kootenai Falls
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Kootenai Falls is one of the few large waterfalls along a major northwest river that has not been harnessed for electrical power. Nestled in the Cabinet Mountains, the falls drop around 200 feet in an almost unspoiled setting. The trailhead starts at Kootenai Falls County Park, sitting in a shaded Cedar grove, located just off US Highway 2. There is a picnic area and restrooms along with interpretive signs. The trail to the falls is narrow, crossing railroad tracks via an overpass. A quarter of a mile further along, the trail splits, with the right fork going to the falls another 1/4 mile away. An adventurous hiker can go down the left fork of the trail to the Kootenai River Gorge and walk across a swinging bridge . Looking south across the Kootenai River you get an impressive view of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness.
From Troy travel east on US Highway 2 for three miles to Kootenai Falls County Park.
The Kootenai River flows out of Canada from several pristine tributaries as the Elk, St Marie’s and Bull River. The water, which is usually a brilliant turquoise blue, is colored from the residues and deposits of the steady carving of glaciers primarily located in its British Columbian headwaters. The river makes its way through Lake Koocanusa, Takes an abrupt ninety-degree turn and heads west on its destination to the pacific. It flows quietly until it reaches the terraced bedrock of Kootenai falls where plummets forty feet over one of the Northwest’s most voluminous waterfalls. It is a marvelous and dramatic site. The main falls is so wide that one can barely see the details of falls near the right hand bank. After the initial drop the river splits around and island. The right channel, which is unseen to the eye of one on the left bank, tumbles over a twenty-foot drop called Tahiti falls.
Fireman's Park on US Highway 2 west is provided by the City of Libby Montana. Camping fees are $5/day for RV's and $2/day for tents. There is a five day camping limit with tables, potable water, and restrooms available.
Dorr Skeels Campground is on State Highway 56 south 13 miles of the junction US 2 and SH 56. Located next to Bull Lake at 2300' elevation in a great mountain setting, this is nice little Kootenai National Forest campground. There are but 3 camping units, no fee, tables, fire pits, potable water, vaulted restrooms and a boat ramp at Dorr Skeels.
Bad Medicine Campground is reached by driving 15 miles west of Libby Montana on US Highway 2 to State Highway 56. Turn south for 21 miles to Ross Creek Cedars road. Go west for 2 miles to Bad Medicine Campground. There are 17 camping units, $10/day fee, tables, grated firepots, potable water, vaulted restrooms, with a 14 day maximum stay limit.

Falls Information
Area: North West MT
Stream name: Kootenai River
Stream size: Large River
Falls height: 75 ft.
Elevation: 1920
Latitude: 48.4551086425781
Longitude: -115.763626098633
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