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Pine Creek Falls
Bigger than it looks   

From the trailhead (TR47) at the campground, Pine Creek Falls is a mile up Pine Creek Trail. The trail can rocky and steep in places, but is one truly enjoyable hike. This is a popular, scenic trail which also leads to alpine Jewel Lake and Pine Creek Lake at 9000 ft. plus elevation, situated in a glacial basin.
From Livingston drive on U.S. Highway 89 south down the Paradise Valley along the Yellowstone River 2.9 miles to East River Road. Turn left on Montana Secondary 540 (East River Road) 7.8 miles to Luccock Park Road (FR 202). This road will wind another 2.7 miles up beautifully forested hillside to Pine Creek Campground.
Paradise Valley runs some 50 miles, from the north end at the historic town of Livingston to the south end of Gardiner and the entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Running adjacent to the valley are the Absaroka-Beartooth mountains to the east and Hyalite mountains to the west with the “blue-ribbon” Yellowstone River winding down the middle. Yellowstone National Park, on March 1st 1872, became the world’s first national park. In an order signed by President Ulysses S. Grant setting aside 2.2 million acres of wilderness “as a public park or a pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people”.
The first explorers into the Yellowstone country were the Corp of Discovery led by Meriweather Lewis and William Clark on their return trip in 1806. One of the youngest member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition was John Colter. At Fort Mandan in August of 1806 he was granted an early release from his duties and returned upstream with two other trappers to the upper Missouri. He is credited for being the first frontiersman to enter and describe the greater Yellowstone Park area. In his description of the area with geysers and other geophysical phenomenon it was coined “Colter’s Hell”.
Pine Creek Campground sits at an elevation of 5500 ft. and is located at the western end of the Absaroka Mountains in the Gallatin National Forest. There are 25 camping units plus one group reservation only site, handicapped accessible facilities, drinking water, trash pickup and a $10/day fee. An additional $6/day fee is charged for each additional vehicle (2 maximum).
Activities: Scenic views, Hiking, Access to Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness Area.

Falls Information
Area: South Central MT
Stream name: Pine Creek
Stream size: Medium Creek
Falls height: 100 ft.
Elevation: 6419
Latitude: 45.4931106567383
Longitude: -110.509155273438
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